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ill residenz 2021

Electronic Music And Music Video Production

Summer 2021-Spring 2022

Music Producer: Pouya Ehsaei
Conceptual and Visual artist: Marianne Villiére

Since summer 2021, the ILL residency supports Catherine Elsen in the learning/creation process of electronic music production and enabled a collaboration with music producer Pouya Ehsaei and conceptual and visual artist Marianne Villiere. The production of 2 music videos and one audiovisual projection for three of her songs, are the aim of this ongoing residency in order to dig deeper into her musical expression and aesthetic formalisation of her sound world. The songs Catherine Elsen chose are inspired by the Covid era, expressing the vulnerable link between the human collective and the natural world.
Due to travel restrictions, work sessions with Pouya Ehsaei took place from their flats in Luxembourg and London. The shoot of the first video has been done with Marianne Villière’s smartphone during a working session in Luxembourg. The editing process has been done from her home in France and Catherine Elsen’s in Luxembourg.
In 2022 another music video and an audiovisual projection will be developed for two other songs in collaboration with these two artists.

“Chrysalis Avalanche”

Concealed behind our masks and in national “safety” nets of surveillance, ways of “protection” can feel fake in this era of climate emergency and ongoing pandemic. My sanity tries to find ways to resist in an overwhelming world. Can the cocoon of the confinement era be a transformational opportunity to mature, break out of the corset and heal our “natural” contact with others and the environment? In my dreams my subconscious runs “back to the woods”, wanting to join the animals living there.

Music and Concept: Catherine Elsen
Music Production: Pouya Ehsaei and Catherine Elsen
Mix and Mastering: Pouya Ehsaei
Visual concept, Camera and Editing: Marianne Villière
Production by: Independent Little Lies
With the support of Ministère de la Culture and Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette

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