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  • Bâtiment4 > 13.10.2023 > 20:00
  • Bâtiment4 > 09.12.2023 > 18:00

performances & readings

In response to the need of our artists to initiate small and flexible formats, ILL has launched a platform for microprojects in 2023. The aim is to give more people the opportunity to present their work and research to a small audience in our rehearsal spaces at Bâtiment4 in Esch-sur-Alzette. The first edition of this micro-festival comprises five projects, ranging from readings to musical performances and physical theatre.

Reserve your seat for the Microproject-Festival on December 9th 2023 over e-mail via

December 9th 2023 starting at 6 pm @ Bâtiment4

Pas facile

Exploration of a text in the making by Elsa Rauchs

Performed by Pascal Jamault

Dramaturgical consultant : Julie Goldsteinas

The bard and band

Everything you always wanted to know about Shakespeare but were afraid to ask.

A devised musical performance based on popular half-knowledge by Anne Simon, Georges Goerens and Nora Zrika

ILL Residenz 2023 : The nxt new

The nxt new is a residency dedicated to research into the interdisciplinary and bidirectional connections between videomapping and lasermapping technologies on the one hand and music and movement on the other.

By Angélique Arnould, Paul Schumacher and Gilles Seyler

The Desert Island Trilogy : research fragments

Experiments around the main themes of the Desert Island Trilogy, a piece of work exploring ideas of paradise, utopian societies, Alzheimer’s disease and virtual realities.

A research project by Claire Thill with the complicity of Gilles Seyler and Jenny Beacraft

October 13th 2023 at 8pm @ Bâtiment4

Intimacy by Sayoko Onishi

A performance mixing New Butoh dance and physical theatre, both characterised by the fact that they do not use words to tell a story, but communicate through the performer’s body. In this work, there is an intention to use physical expression to uncover the abstract sensations and feelings that are deeply rooted in the performer’s subconscious and that cannot be fully expressed in words.

Performance : Claire Thill

Choreography : Sayoko Onishi

Music : Emmanuel Fleitz

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