she. he. it.

Premiere: 04.11.2005

Mike and Marc are best buddies and Miriam is in love with Mike but Marc is in love with Miriam and although Luc is Mike’s brother Mike hates him and Claire has no family at all and because Luc is in love with Barbara, Miriam is looking for a job and Marc thinks that Miriam deserves something better since Albert feels completely lost and Marc loves cars while Mike is unemployed and wants Marc to organize a deal because Miriam starts to hate Mike and luckily Luc and Claire become friends so that Albert may be saved to stop Miriam’s cries while Luc enjoys toffees and has the best day of his life. Sounds complicated? Watch full movie here.  
A Focusart - Independent Little Lies - Filmreakter - film production  
With: Mike Tock, Myriam Gracia, Marc Baum, Claire Thill, Albert Federspiel, Luc Spada  
Photography: L.A.S. Helder  
Camera: L.A.S. Helder, Alex Aach, Govinda Van Maele  
Editing: Christian Neuman  
Art Direction: Tanja Frank  
Stills: Jessica Theis  
Written and directed by: Christian Neuman.  

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Dates & Venue

23.02.07, 20h00 Cinéma Ariston Esch
04.11.05, 20h00 Kulturfabrik Esch (Kinosch)


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